During winter time, it is not always easy to comply with our passion of road biking, as much as we would like to. The days are short and in the darkness, alone or during the rush hour after work, it is often not fun nor safe.

The Federació Catalana de Ciclismo (the Cycling Federation of Catalonia) and the Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya, the famous formula 1 circuit of Montmelo, already in 2010 came to an agreement that gives us a slightly different training opportunity. Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays (November to February, 17.30h – 21.00h and March to October, 18.30h – 22.00h) opens the Circuit’s track for road bike training. The lap length is 4.6km, the undulating profile climbs 40m, which sounds little but adds up in the end. We find it a great initiative for a traffic-free and safe sport event joining birds of a feather. It’s a good thing, certainly not only in the winter month because of the shorter days, but also to include intervals in your training, without disturbing stops due to traffic lights and roundabouts.

The entrance fee is 5.00€, an eight-visit-card 25.00€, including a warm shower.