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Road Bike Tour of Catalonia

Self-guided place-to-place cycling visiting demanding mountain passes and beautiful sights of Catalonia

Road bike cycling on average 80 to 130 km daily. You will climb mountain passes, visit medieval villages, enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the Mediterranean gastronomy.

Minimum: 2 persons




Spectacular scenery framed by the Pyrenees mountains, carefully preserved thousand year old monasteries, lush green valleys, rivers, rolling farmland with fields of orchards, sunflowers, vineyards, olive groves, coastal paths and not forgetting the medieval city of Girona – this cycling tour captures the breathtaking beauty of Catalonia.


You stay 8 nights in different carefully selected 2, 3 or 4 stars hotels including breakfast. We include 4 dinners. The other evenings we recommend you nice restaurants to experience the fantastic Mediterranean gastronomy and the atmosphere of the local nightlife .  You cycle beween 80 and 130km daily. Each day you can select the shorter or the longer route.

On your arriving day the information pack which includes a road book, maps, your itinerary and hotel details, restaurant recommendations and emergency telephone numbers and contacts will be given.

La Garrotxa

In a large part of the southern half of la Garrotxa there are more than 40 volcanoes and various lava flows, forming a gentle countryside without dramatic gradients, which is protected by La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park.
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Girona is a sparkling gem of historic Catalonia 103 kilometers from Barcelona, this medieval walled city has a rich cultural heritage with diverse influences from the ancient Romans, Moorish-era Arabs, and Jews. The Old Town was built on the right bank of the Onyar River with colorful houses flanking the waterside.
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Alt Empordà

Alt Empordà is a region with a great cultural and landscape wealth, marked by its geographic location in the most northeastern area of the Iberian Peninsula, has converted it into an area of passage (persons, goods, etc.). A good part of the landscape is protected: the Natural Park of Aiguamolls del Empordà, Cap de Creus, the Natural Spot of Albera and the area of Basecoat. Another important component of the Alt Empordà is the gastronomy of the sea and mountain, the fish “suquet”, goose with turnips, “brunyols” of Empordà, and notable products like the Emporda Denomination of Origin wines, anchovies from L’Escala, oil from the presses of the region, sweet sausages, etc.

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