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Road cycling is a highly time-consuming sport. If you live with a partner who doesn’t have the same interests  as you do, it’s not easy. Yet, if kids are joining your family, it becomes even more complicated.

Here below we put a short list for you everyday life with some ideas on which you can meet your bike needs and at the same time enjoy your family. As usual in relationships, the first rule is: talk to each other! Your partner knows you and knows that she or he will have a happier person besides him or her when you have enough room to run around, and not only happier, but also healthier, fitter and perhaps also slimmer.

In a relationship everyone has the right to claim time for themselves. When one pursues his hobby and then the next day he or she has to take care of their child(s) then the partner can enjoy his or her free time. Here you have some more ideas:

  1. Use the daily travel to work to collect some miles. If you have no possibility to have a shower at work, use the way back home for a more intensive training, perhaps adding a detour.
    2. Include the children in your training and take them with you in a child trailer. Possibly it needs a settling-in period, but finally almost all kids love it – of course not 4 hours 😉 The additional weight, however, sets new training stimulus and therefor the training is more effective even if shorter
    3. Take the bike if you are invited on the weekend or for family getaways. When having lunch or dinner at friends or with family it should be no problem to have a shower before sitting down at the table. For family getaways for example to the zoo or elsewhere, your family could bring fresh clothes and a deodorant.
    4. Get up very early on weekends and drive off. Like this you’re available again for your family between 10am or 11am. Earn extra points by bringing fresh croissants or bagels for a second breakfast!
    5.  Train on the cycling rollers or the turbo trainers. Ok – that’s not much fun, but when your partner has her or his kids’ free evening and the kids are sleeping it is a good opportunity to stay in shape.
    6. Run! If you don’t have enough time for an extended ride, go for a run. When running you can also build up condition, but it take less time (1 hour of running is comparable to 2.5 hours of cycling). If your child is already prepared to, it could accompany you by bicycle.
    7. At some point, the „child” may also want to start with road cycling. With a bit of luck, your child was infected with the enthusiasm for your hobby, and the junior wants to ride with you. Take him or her under your wings, be a mentor and enjoy that cycling time is becoming family time now.

If you have further tips and tricks, please write them in the comments.

In the second part of the blog, we will focus on training camps and family. As a little preview, take a look here.